Aromatherapy is the art and science of scents.

Practiced since ancient times, it was gradually left aside at the same time that the industrialization of chemical products began to grow. The need of companies to sell, the prestige of science and technology and the low cost of these products began to substitute the use of natural substances.


Essential oils have effect on our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This is why they harmonize us integrally and favor our spiritual life.

Nowadays, this has been studied in a scientific level and it is known in detail how and where essential oils act.

When essential oils are absorbed by the skin they get to the blood vessels which carry the essential oils through the entire organism. This is how essential oils reach the organs and tissues where they act.


They are natural substances that are found in plants, they are intensely aromatic, volatile and Light. Volatile means that they evaporate rapidly, light means that they are not dense, greasy and heavy like the ones we use for cooking or for the lubrication of machines. They are not soluble in water and lightly soluble in vinegar. They dissolve well in alcohol; they blend well with greases, waxes and vegetable oils.


For the people who lived in contact with mature, smell was a useful tool of knowledge and subsistence. They could identify the state of food and odors that indicated danger, like the one of wild animals, the smell of a fire, or the proximity of a storm. Nowadays, the use of chemicals, not only disguises the real smell of the substances that otherwise we would not eat, but it also makes us loose our olfactory sensibility.


The great revolution was the discovery of distillation that is attributed arab doctor Avicena, in the X Century. In distillation, water vapor passes through the vegetable material (leafs, flowers, resins, etc.) so that with the effect of heat.
Vapor then circulated through a streamer where it is chilled.


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